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There’s over 9 million users on Tumblr now. Reblog if you’re one of the few who’s never EVER left anon hate in somebody’s ask box.




If you can’t reblog this…



That’s a fucking low number. That’s fucking sad.

Never have. Never will.

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Hard Knock Radio: We sat down and spoke with Robbie Clark of Just Cause about the new 110 page report his organization along with the Alameda County Department of Health about the long range impacts of gentrification… Whats most telling is how this process of mass displacement along racial and class lines has long term health impact…

We speak about the root causes of gentrification in the Bay Area and the key role ruthless corporations have played in driving up home prices by pressuring politicians to put forth specific policies to prevent rent control and make evictions easy…

We also talk about the various waves of gentrification. Often we focus on the impact of Black and Brown folks in particular areas, but in cities like San Francisco, gentrifiers from 10 years ago are now being gentrified. People who have moved away from the cities into far off suburbs are finding they are not safe from the predatory process of driving up home prices and rents.

We also talk about solutions that can be used to stop this trend.